27 Unique Ancient Egypt Party Ideas

Planning an ancient Egypt birthday party is fun and very unique. If you are looking for Egyptian themed party ideas, I’ve compiled a list with lots of inspiration – including decoration, games, food, and more!

Planning a Cost Effective Egyptian Themed Party

When planning a party themed off of ancient Egypt, you will definitely want to keep costs in mind. This tends to be a party theme you can really go ALL OUT on, especially with decorations.

Before you start planning, you’ll want to have a budget and a general idea of how much time & money you want to spend on it.

Here’s a few ideas to keep costs down:

  • Limit the number of guests. If you are doing a lot of favors and food especially, having a set number of guests can help you budget accordingly.
  • Decide on decorations carefully. If you don’t want to go completely all out, maybe decide on one portion of decorations that you want to look extra special, and then limit the rest. For example, you could go all out on the Egyptian tablescape, and then use cheaper standard decor like balloons and streamers for the rest of the house.
  • Focus on activities. Games and activities can make or break a party, and there a lots of ideas in this post that don’t require many extra supplies!

So without further ado, let’s get into all the fun party ideas.

Egyptian Themed Decoration Ideas

The first thing you need for an awesome Ancient Egypt themed party are some cool decorations to set the tone! Here are some fun ideas.

1. Palm Frond Decorations

First of all, an awesome decoration for an Egyptian party is palm fronds! Use artificial palm fronds and foliage to evoke the lush greenery of the Nile River and create a tropical atmosphere. You can use all different sizes in varying locations in your home!

palm frond decorations for egyptian themed party

2. Jewel Toned Fabrics

Another fun idea would be to hang some cute, jewel toned fabrics! You can hang up a variety of gold, green, blue and purple hued fabrics to give your home a palace-like feel. Mix it up with some sequined, shiny and silky fabrics for an extra luxurious and layered look.

Jewel Toned Fabrics for an Egyptian Themed Party

2. Golden & Blue Tableware Theme

Next is to set your table with blue and golden-themed items! These colors are perfect for an Egyptian themed meal. You can use disposable plates and silverware that are tinted gold with blue cups or table decorations to make your guests feel as if they were dining with Egyptian royalty.

Golden & Blue Tableware Theme for an  Ancient Egypt Birthday Party

4. Sphinx Statues

Another way to evoke an Egyptian feel is with sphinx statues. Egyptians believed these pharaoh/cat hybrids to act as guardians over them, so a lot of their architecture and sculpture work depicts them. These would make great table centerpieces, doorway decorations, etc.!

Sphinx Statue Decor Idea

5. Pyramid Decorations

Amazon has lots of pyramid decorations, or you could make them yourself from gold-painted cardboard or foam. Pyramids are one of Egypt’s most popular sights, so these would be perfect to adorn your party with! You could set them on tables, mantles, or other surfaces for an extra fun feel!

Pyramid Decorations for an Egyptian Party

6. Lotus Flower Decorations

Create something like the picture below using woven baskets and fake lotus flowers like these. Lotuses (or water lillies) were frequently found in a lot of ancient Egyptian art, as they were symbolic and common to find throughout the land. These flowers are beautiful and would make great decor pieces for your party! Make your guests feel as if they’re walking along the Nile with these gorgeous flowers!

Lotus Flower Decorations

7. Pink & Gold Theme for Girls

Speaking of lotus flowers, they make a great theme for an Egyptian party for girls! You could string them up like a garland as shown or place them around your table for a more feminine look. The gorgeous pink color of the flower also pairs beautifully with gold items and tableware! These colors would be perfect for girls of any age.

Pink & Gold Egyptian Party Theme for Girls

7. Golden Snakes

Incorporate gold-painted plastic snakes as decorative accents to represent the significance of snakes in Egyptian mythology. Here is one on Amazon. You could place them in varying locations or get some small ones as fun party favors.

8. Hieroglyphic Wall Decals

Nothing quite screams “Ancient Egypt” like hieroglyphic designs! Use removable wall decals featuring ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to create an authentic atmosphere. It also doubles as a unique conversation piece as kids will have fun trying to decipher their meaning!

Hieroglyphic Wall Decals

9. Papyrus Scroll Table Runners

Similar to the hieroglyphic wall idea: Papyrus Scroll Table Runners! Table runners are a simple, fun and affordable way to decorate your table. If you’re going for a more simplistic dinner approach, this table runner paired with gold plates and dinnerware would make a fantastic decor piece!

Papyrus Scroll Table Runners (Egyptian Themed Party)

Egyptian Themed Party Games & Activities

Next, let’s look at some some Egyptian party games and activities that you can do with your guests!

1. Pyramid Building Game

Provide blocks and have a contest for whoever can build the best pyramid. You can use Jenga blocks or any other simple, wooden blocks for a fun, creative game! Depending on how many guests you have, you can opt to divide them into teams or have them take turns doing individual contests. Kids will have fun making their own pyramids in an allotted time limit!

Pyramid Building Game

2. Mummy Wrap Relay

Next is a Mummy Wrap Relay! Have the kids use toilet paper to mummify each other in a race! Divide them into teams of 2-4 kids to see who can mummify their friend the quickest. You can set a time limit, judge based on style/how well they did, or just have them do it for fun!

Mummy Wrap Relay

3. Pharaoh’s Riddle Challenge

Prepare a series of riddles related to Egyptian history and mythology for guests to solve. If you choose to use “hieroglyphics” that they have to interpret, you can provide a translation guide for them to use where each hieroglyph pertains to a letter in the alphabet. This would be a fun game for them to do on their own, or with a team!

Pharaoh's Riddle Challenge

4. Cleopatra’s Fashion Show

Have guests dress up in their best interpretation of ancient Egyptian attire and hold a fashion show. Set up a runway with a long rug or piece of fabric and play some fun, fashion show music! You could have a panel of judges and present the kids with prizes based on style and performance. Kids will have fun showing off their outfits and cheering on one another!

Cleopatra's Fashion Show - Ideas for an Egyptian Themed Party

5. Pharaoh’s Treasure Hunt

Hide small trinkets or treasures around the party area and provide guests with maps to find them. Give them clues throughout to point them in the right direction. Similarly to the riddle challenge, these clues could be set in hieroglyphics for (older) kids to translate if you want an extra challenge!

6. Musical Chairs

Play Egyptian themed music while doing the classic musical chairs game. Kids who get out or don’t want to participate can take turns pausing the song or cheering their friends on. Have a special prize ready for the winner!

7. Ancient Egypt Escape Room

Did you know that you can buy escape room kits? This ancient Egypt escape room looks like loads of fun, especially if you have older kids! Guests will have fun working together to solve clues and escape the room in time!

8. Egyptian Themed Photo Booth

Here’s an example of an Egyptian backdrop you could use! Similar to the hieroglyphic wall decals, this backdrop is fantastic for giving your party a more authentic atmosphere. This would make a great photo booth for your guests as well! Pair it with some homemade (or store bought) props such as a staff, pharaoh headdress cut outs, etc. for an extra fun experience! You could also consider proving a Polaroid camera or printing out the photos later in place of party favors so the guests have a special keepsake from the event.

9. Sand Art Activity

Provide guests with colored sand and small bottles to create their own sand art in the style of traditional Egyptian sand bottles. Allow the guests to make their own art pieces, or set out fun reference photos ideas for the them to copy. These sand bottles are so fun to make and open up lots of room for creative liberties! These would also make lovely trinkets for the guests to take home afterward.

Sand Art Activity

10. Interactive Hieroglyphic Memory Book

Buy a journal or large sketchbook where guests can write messages to the birthday boy or girl! Leave it in a common area with a pen and fun picture ideas for them to draw as well!

For an inexpensive Egypt party idea, buy a journal or large sketchbook where guests can write messages to the birthday boy or girl! Leave it in a common area with a pen and fun picture ideas for them to draw as well!

11. Egyptian Music Playlist

Set the tone for your party with an Egyptian themed music playlist! There are lots of playlists on Spotify, YouTube Music and other music platforms to choose from. You can keep it simple with an instrumental playlist, or jazz it up with fun, dance-worthy songs like, “Walk like an Egyptian”.

12. Watch Indiana Jones

Depending on how long your event is, another fun idea would be to watch Indiana Jones! This movie is a classic that everyone is bound to enjoy, and goes right along with the theme. Set up some pillows for guests to sit on and provide some yummy, Egyptian-themed snacks for an extra fun experience.

Food Ideas for an Egyptian Themed Party

If you’re planning to serve food at your party, these classic Mediterranean food items are a must!

1. Pyramid Cake

A pyramid-themed cake is the perfect dessert to serve at your party! You can follow a tutorial/recipe like one below, or have one specially made. Depending on your exact theme, you could consider adding action figures and treasures spilling out to give it the appearance that it’s being raided. There are so many fun things you could do!

2. Cupcakes with Egyptian Toppers

Here’s another dessert idea: cupcakes with Egyptian toppers! This dessert is so simple, as the only decoration necessary are the toppers themselves. Make the cupcakes any flavor you’d like (or a variety of flavors) and let guests pick their favorites! Here are some cool toppers on Amazon.

Here's another ancient Egypt party dessert idea: cupcakes with Egyptian toppers! This dessert is so simple, as the only decoration necessary are the toppers themselves. Make the cupcakes any flavor you'd like (or a variety of flavors) and let guests pick their favorites!

3. Kebabs

Make the experience more authentic with this classic Egyptian dish! Kebabs are a delicious Mediterranean staple. Use traditional meats like lamb or veal, or stack chicken and veggies for an equally scrumptious meal that everyone will love!

4. Hummus

Next is another classic item: Hummus! This delicious dipping sauce is perfect for stocking your snack table. Guests will be sure to enjoy this yummy side. Use it as a spread or pair it with pita chips or veggies for the perfect appetizer!

5. Pita Bread

Speaking of pita bread, this bready goodness would be awesome food to serve! Create a serving bar of various meats and veggies that guests can make pita pockets/sandwiches with, or serve on their own as a side or snack.


If you’re looking to throw an awesome ancient Egyptian themed party, you’re in the right place. From unique decor ideas, to fun, memorable activities and classic Mediterranean dishes, this list has you covered! So what are you waiting for? Use these ideas for an event that your family and friends will remember for years to come!

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