Red and Gold Christmas Tree Ideas

1. Classy Red & Gold Christmas Tree

You can easily decorate your tree with an all-over red and gold style! A variety of gold and red balls work great, and you can also throw in other shapes and sizes. With a gold star on the top, this look is incredible!

2. Rustic Red & Gold Christmas Tree

A red and gold Christmas tree also looks great in a rustic home setting. Look at this picture with a hearth in the background!

3. Red Ribbon and Gold Ornaments

Another way to style a tree in red and gold is to use one color for ribbon and the other for ornaments. In the photo below the ornaments are all gold, with the red ribbon at the top and cascading downward. I love it!

4. Red Poinsettias & Gold Ornaments

Another great way to tie in the red and gold theme is by using red poinsettias throughout the tree, along with gold ornaments. I love the way this looks when done!

5. Simple Red & Gold Tree

Your red and gold Christmas tree doesn’t have to be super elaborate or have a ton of ornaments. You can use a variety of smaller and larger gold ornaments, and again some simple red ribbon like shown below.

simple red and gold christmas tree


When it comes to your red and gold christmas tree, you can literally get so creative! Don’t be afraid to try new ideas as you go. I hope you enjoyed this inspiration for your Christmas decor!

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