21 Winter ONEderland Party Ideas (Girls & Boys!)

If you are planning your baby’s first birthday party sometime between November and March, a winter ONEderland theme might be perfect. I’ve compiled a list of 21 awesome winter onederland party ideas that are sure to give you inspiration for your event!

You will have LOTS of options when it comes to a winter wonderland themed party. You can do a broad winter theme, or really narrow it down to some of the themes I’m about to show you.

Some of the themes are gender neutral, while others will be specific to boys or girls. There is a bit of everything in this post!

Winter ONEderland Birthday Ideas

Are you ready to see all the ideas? Lets get right into it!

1. Snowflake Theme

One pretty obvious theme for a wonderland party is snowflakes! Snowflakes are pretty broad and can be either the focal point of the theme, or just an accent. Either way, blues, greys and whites will be the best colors to choose. This is perfect if you have a baby boy. If you have a girl, I’ve seen people switch it up and do white snowflakes along with pink accents!

snowflake themed birthday party decor

2. Penguin Theme

Another twist for a theme is to go mainly with penguins! This still gives you the ability to use snow and winter themed items, but with the focus being the penguins. There are tons of awesome penguin birthday decorations on Amazon that are great for this!

penguin birthday decoration

3. Snowman Building Contest

Here’s a great game idea for a ONEderland party: a snowman building contest! All you have to do is buy cotton balls of varying sizes, along with some small accessories (or colored felt to make accessories). This game would be great for older siblings who come to the party. Have them all glue together a snowman and then have a prize for the best one!

cotton ball snowman craft

4. Hot Cocoa Bar

A hot cocoa bar is a great way to provide something cozy and sophisticated for the adults attending your ONEderland party! You can provide hot cocoa mix, hot water, and various toppings like marshmallows, peppermints and cinnamon sticks. Each guest can customize their own glass however they’d like! If you want to make homemade hot chocolate for this, here is a stovetop recipe.

hot cocoa bar

5. ONEderland Birthday Invitations

If there’s one things that’s necessary for any party, it’s invitations! ONEderland party inviations can be so stinkin cute. In fact, I’ve created a template with 4 customizable invites available now in my Etsy shop! You can check them out here (an example of 1 is below but there are 4 included).

5. Winter Wonderland Sensory Play Area

When it comes to a party for 1 year olds, it can be hard to think of activities. Here’s an idea: a winter wonderland sensory play area! Think fake snowballs, little miniatures and winter themed toys for the babies to explore. Just make sure that you don’t use anything that could be choked on of course.

winter onederland sensory play area

6. Snowball Toss Game

A snowball toss is another great idea for a ONEderland birthday party. You can help the 1 year olds play, or have this game for older children who attend. Just purchase some fake snowballs, put them in a basket and you’re good to go! A snowball toss is sure to be entertaining for the adults to watch, and will help you capture some adorable moments at your child’s first ever party.

basket of fake snowballs

7. Make Use of Snow Globes

Snow globes are a great addition to decorations for a winter themed party! If you have any tucked away in your Christmas decor, you can get those out. OR, here’s another idea: have a DIY snowglobe craft where everyone gets to insert a photo of their choice! This is sure to create lasting memories from your winter onederland party.

winter house snow globe idea

8. Powdered Donuts

Wondering what you should serve food-wise at your ONEderland birthday party? You’ve got lots of options, but one I particularly love is the idea of powdered donuts! Not only do they taste great, but they also fit the winter theme perfectly! Arrange them on a white cake stand for an extra elegant look.

wintery powdered donuts on cake stand

9. Winter Themed Photo Booth

What better way to capture memories than to have a winter themed photo booth? This is genius! You can use a snowflake photo backdrop like this. And then optionally, you could also create something like pictured below using curtains, sheets, or plastic table cloths from dollar tree. Feel free to get extra creative with this! And don’t forget the winter props – things like scarves, hats, ice skates, etc.

winter themed photo booth

10. Snowy Treasure Hunt

Here’s another game idea: a treasure hunt! Collect little wintery items and hide them around the house or in 1 room for the kids to find! I think this would work great with a variety of winter animals like a wolf, snowy owl, snow leopard, etc.

11. Wolf Theme

Speaking of wolves, this would a great focal point for a ONEderland theme boy’s party! I remember growing up, my brother had a thick wolf blanket that he absolutely loved. I’m sure your one year old would love to look back later at photos from a wolf themed party! Below you can see an example of a white wolf water color painting that would look amazing as decoration!

wolf wall art

12. Hot Soup for the Meal

If you are planning on serving lunch or dinner to your guests, hot soup could be a great meal. Not only is soup great for the wintertime, but it is also easy to make in big batches. This is a white sausage gnocchi soup recipe that can be found on the Ginger Divine blog. It is hearty and delicious!

sausage gnocci winter soup

13. Paper Snowflake Craft

Another craft that could be great for older kids and adults at the party is making paper snowflakes. With some simple folding and cutting, you can make snowflakes exactly like pictured below! It is super simple to customize them because you can do any little cutouts on the snowflakes that you want. I made these paper snowflakes myself – if anyone is interested in a tutorial for them, let me know!

14. Snowman Sugar Cookies

Here’s a dessert idea for a ONEderland party: snowman sugar cookies! Aren’t these adorable? You can use a snowman cookie cutter that you likely already have in a Christmas cutter set (if not, you can also buy one separate on amazon). Decorate simply with buttercream, or make them look extra elegant with royal icing like pictured below!

snowman sugar cookies

15. Winter Themed Storytime

If the little ones start to get restless, another fun idea is to do a winter themed storytime with all the kids. Read stories like frosty the snowman or biscuit’s snowy day for a fun but settling distraction.

16. Winter Themed Coloring Station

If there are kids coming old enough to color, a fun activity for them would be winter themed color pages! Think polar bears, snowy owls, wintery scenes and more. You could have a table set up with the coloring pages, plus crayons or colored pencils. Note that this could be at a set time, or it could be available at anytime during the party when kids get restless.

polar bear coloring page

17. Frozen Theme

We can’t talk about a winter wonderland without mentioning Frozen, am I right? If you have a little 1 year old girl, a Frozen themed party could be a great option. Here are a variety of frozen party decorations to check out on Amazon!

18. Winter Themed Dance Party

Here’s an idea that the 1 year olds can participate: a winter themed dance party! I’ve seen even the youngest kids have a blast dancing to music. You can use Frozen as the soundtrack, Frosty the Snowman, or a mixture of lots of wintery songs! Whatever you decide, just make sure to film the whole thing. 😉

19. Snowflake Cupcakes

Another fun dessert idea would be snowflake cupcakes. Whatever “main” theme you choose, these will still fit! Feel free to get creative – make chocolate cupcakes with white & blue frosting and snowflake toppers, or you could try white cupcakes with chocolate frosting and snowflake toppers.

20. Ice Skating Cake

A theme we haven’t talked about yet is ice skating! An ice skating cake can be both fun and impressive to your guests! Here’s a realistic example from a bakery that I love!

21. Snowflake Crayons as a Favor

Last but not least, here is a party favor idea: snowflake crayons! DIY crayons are actually very easy to make, and snowflakes make the perfect shape for a onederland birthday party. Here is a DIY snowflake crayon tutorial that walks you through how to make them!

snowflake crayons onederland party favor


As you can see, there are a multitude of ways you can make your winter ONEderland birthday party your own. Whether you choose a theme like wolves or a theme like Frozen, I’m sure it will turn out wonderful!

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