33 Woodland Baby Shower Themes & Ideas

One of my favorite baby shower themes is a woodland/foresty theme! If you are throwing a woodland baby shower, you will need lots of ideas to make your event the best it can be. In this post I will provide you with lots of specific woodland baby shower themes, decoration ideas, and food ideas!

The cool thing about a woodland baby shower is that there are themes that work for both boys and girls!

You can really go a lot of different directions. For example, you can theme the shower off of a specific animal like foxes or bears. Or, you can do something more garden/rustic themed!

So, are you ready to see all the inspiration? Let’s get right into it!

Woodland Baby Shower Themes

1. “Enchanted Forest” Theme

One cute Woodland Baby Shower theme idea is an Enchanted Forest! This theme is so cute and simple to put together. Use neutral tones in your decor (such as a cream tablecloth like shown below) and foods. You can use fresh sprigs of foliage and greenery from the resources around you, or buy them to adorn your table with!

enchanted forest baby shower

2. “Forest Friends” Theme

Another fun idea is a “Forest Friends” theme! Scatter cute forest creatures (especially baby ones) around your table and home! Small animal figurines are super simple to find, and generally affordable as well. You could even consider handing a few out as cute party favors.

forest friends woodland baby shower cake and decor

3. “Rustic Cabin” Theme

Next is a Rustic Cabin theme! This would work especially well if you had a cabin-like venue. Use various, homey wood decorations and foliage to create a cozy, cabin-y feel. Depending on the weather, consider having snuggly things at hand like blankets, hot tea and drinks, etc.!

rustic cabin baby shower theme

4. “Secret Garden” Theme

Another idea to think about is a Secret Garden theme! This theme is so cute and whimsical, and would work especially well for a baby girl! Set up your event outside and use pinks and greens to give it a springy, garden-like appearance. Place flower arrangements around or use fake flowers to make various decor pieces like the rose garland shown below!

secret garden themed baby shower
Secret garden baby shower tablescape

5. “Vintage Woodland” Theme

Do you love the vintage aesthetic? If so, this Vintage Woodland theme would be perfect for your baby shower! Similar to the first woodland theme, you can use neutral tones and minimal decor to give it a simpler, classic feel. There are so many vintage decor ideas out there that are super easy to make and would make a great addition to your shower!

vintage woodland baby shower dessert table

6. “Nature’s Nursery” Theme

Next, check out this “Nature’s Nursery” theme idea! Use lots of greenery on your table and foods for a happy, nature vibe. Use moss, woodstump platters/trivets and pine cones to give it a natural element. Adorn each table place with a sprig of foliage, or arrange plants together to make a pretty and fresh centerpiece!

nature's nursery baby shower tablescape

7. “Whimsical Fox Friends” Theme

Here’s a cute animal idea: a “Whimsical Fox Friends” theme! This would be such an adorable and simple idea to use! You could theme everything with the colors of a fox (white and red or orange) and set out fun, fox-related decor. You could even decorate your desserts that way by using fox colors or cake toppers like shown in the photo below!

fox themed baby shower inspiration

8. “Bambi” Theme

Another animal theme idea would be to use adorable “Bambi” decor! This would be a perfect foresty-twist for a Disney lover! Use neutral colors and Bambi figurines as cake toppers and/or centerpieces for a sweet, magical feel.

bambi themed baby shower scene

Woodland Baby Shower Decorations

A baby shower isn’t complete without decorations! If you need some cute and affordable ideas, I got you covered with this list below.

1. Burlap Table Runners

One simple and affordable décor idea would be to use burlap table runners! Simply buy a strip of burlap from any fabric store and lay it across the table for a natural, woodsy look. Hem the edges for a more put together feel, or keep them whimsical and raw!

burlap table runner and tablescape

2. Make Use of Wooden Crates

Utilize wooden crates you might already have at home! Use various sized crates and stack them up on each other as seen in the photo below, or fill them with real or fake flower arrangements and greenery! These tie into garden and woodsy themes surprisingly well and are so versatile!

wooden crates for baby shower decor

3. Plaid Blankets

Plaid blankets would be such an adorable addition to your baby shower! If your event is outside, you could lay them on the ground picnic-style for guests to sit on and enjoy yummy themed snacks. Or lay them across tables as cute table cloths! Theme them according to your baby shower colors, or use blue for a boy and pink for a girl.

pastel plaid picnic blanket

4. Mason Jar Wildflower Arrangements

Here’s another affordable baby shower décor idea: Mason jar flower arrangements! These are so simple and cute to put together and place around. Use various sized jars you already have at home, and fill them with fresh or flake flowers to add an element of freshness to your event! You could simply use a few large ones as centerpieces, or place little ones at each table place and consider letting guests take them home as sweet party favors!

mason jar wildflower arrangement
wildflower mason jar arrangement for woodland baby shower
wildflower mason jar arrangement

5. Potted Plants & Succulents

Another cute idea would be to use succulents! These are fun because they come in so many different sizes and varieties. They’re also great because they’re so easy to maintain, so you could get these way in advance and they’ll still be fresh by your event! Simply place them about your party or table to add some extra greenery!

potted plants and succulents for woodland baby shower

6. Clothesline with Woodland Themed Onesies

Nothing quite screams “baby shower” like baby onesies! Set up a simple clothesline using twine and pin a few onesies on for a super cute baby shower décor piece. Use neutrals and greens to match your party theme, or let guests bring a few as gifts and hang them on the line throughout the party!

7. Tree Stump Slices

The next idea is to use tree stump slices! These are surprisingly cheap to buy in bulk online, and would be the perfect addition to a woodsy-themed baby shower. Use them at each table places as trivets, or decorate a few with candles and moss as shown below and use them as centerpieces!

woodland baby shower tablescape with wood slices

8. Dreamcatchers

Dream catchers are also great for a forest or garden-themed shower! Make them yourself with twine and embroidery hoops, or buy a few and strewn them up on the trees for a unique, whimsical look. These would also make a fun party craft/activity for guests to make a few of their own!

dreamcatcher for woodland baby shower

9. Sunflower Coasters

Bring some warmth to your party with these adorable Sunflower Coasters! Use this Sunflower coaster pattern to work up a few of your own. These work up so quickly and easily and would make a lovely addition to your table.

Sunflower Coasters

10. Use Natural Pinecones, Acorns, etc.

You can’t have a forest-themed shower without plants and pinecones! Simply strewn various moss, acorns and pinecones across your table, or arrange them nicely in bowls or on tree stump slices! Buy cheap varieties at any craft store, or collect them from your own yard!

acorn tablescape

11. Rustic Chalkboard Signs

Direct your guests by using rustic chalkboard signs! If you’re serving food and/or doing baby shower games, use signs to lay out the menu and explain the rules of each game. Decorate them with moss or greenery to match your theme. Depending on the size of your venue, use a large one like pictured below to welcome guests as they walk in!

Rustic chalkboard Signs for a Woodland Baby Shower

12. Fairy Lights & Paper Lanterns

If you’re hosting an evening event, consider using paper lanterns and fairy lights like these! I love how magical and whimsical these lights are. Hang a few from the trees or string them up across the yard for a fairy tale feel. Give your guests a magical memory they wont forget!

paper lanterns and fairy lights for backyard baby shower

13. Butterfly Garland

Another adorable idea would be to use butterfly garlands! This would be perfect for a garden themed party, and especially if you’re having a girl. Make this garland simply yourself by using paper butterfly cutouts and string, or find on cheaply on Amazon, etc. Hang it across tables or archways for a cute touch!

Butterfly Garland

14. Crocheted Deer Decoration

Mix your love for the woods and babies with this super cute deer stuffy! This would be so sweet and fun to adorn a table with. You can use this free Crochet deer pattern to make it yourself!

Crocheted deer decoration

Woodland Baby Shower Game & Food Ideas

Lastly, here are some fun baby shower food and game ideas!

1. Flower Crowns (no photo)

Provide supplies for guests to make their very own flower crowns! Use real plants and flowers, or lay out paper covered wire, ribbon and fake flowers for a crown that will last them a lifetime. This would be such a cute activity for guests to do, and it will give them something to take home and remember it by!

2. Baby Animal Trivia Game

Quiz guests on their animal knowledge with this cute Baby animal trivia game! Let guests work on it throughout the event, or set a time limit and provide a prize for the winner for an extra fun challenge.

Baby animal trivia game

3. More Woodland Themed Games

Here’s some other woodland themed game ideas! This pack on amazon comes with so many options! From Baby Animal Bingo, to couples trivia, etc., your guests will enjoy playing each game and making their own predictions throughout the event!

4. Woodland Animal Charades

Divide your guests into teams and challenge them to a round of Woodland Animal Charades! Write down several options and have guests draw them from a hat. This is such a fun and entertaining game to play. Your friends and family will be sure to get a hoot out of watching each other’s animal attempts!

5. Wild Rice & Mushroom Stuffed Peppers

A great savory food item to serve at your party are these Wild Rice & Mushroom Stuffed Peppers! These peppers are so yummy and pack a flavorful punch in each bite. Serve on their own as a great vegetarian option or pair with grilled or roasted meat! You can find the recipe here.

6. Old Fashioned Blueberry Muffins

Add a taste of home to your event with these Old Fashioned Blueberry Muffins! These scrumptious muffins are so moist and are simple to make. The streusel topping adds the perfect sugary touch! Guests will love this old fashioned blueberry muffins recipe!

Old Fashioned Blueberry Muffins for a Woodland Themed Baby Shower

7. Mini Mushroom Quiches

Next are these cute Mushroom Quiches! These delectable tarts make fantastic finger foods for parties. One thing I love about quiches is how easy they are to customize. If you’re not a big mushroom fan, there are lots of other flavor pallets to choose from! Here’s a recipe for mini quiches 4 ways! Choose one of these easy flavors, or make a few options for guests to choose from.

Mini Mushroom Quiches for a Woodland Themed Baby Shower

8. Acorn Cookies

Do you need a cute dessert idea? If so, I got you covered with these Acorn Cookies! These adorable cookies are so tiny and yet so detailed. The pairing of sugar cookies and Hershey’s kisses is as delicious as it is cute! They’re sure to be a hit at your baby shower! You can find the recipe here.

9. Berry & Goat Cheese Crostini

Another elegant finger food to serve are these berry & goat cheese crostinis! The sweetness of the berries and jam pairs beautifully with tart saltiness of the goat cheese. Using berries is also a great way to add an element of freshness to your menu!

Berry & goat cheese crostini for a woodland themed baby shower

10. Forest Inspired Charcuterie Board

Use a pretty cutting board and make a nice charcuterie board! Adorn it with your favorite cheeses, meats and fruits veggies for guests to pick and choose from. Add some freshness with dill or rosemary for an overall fancy, yet easy snack!

forest inspired charcuterie board

11. Woodland Inspired Trail Mix

Woodland trail mix is a fun themed idea, and it can be used as a snack, OR as a party favor! Fill a bowl with your favorite mix of nuts and dried berries as a fun, forest-y snack! For party favors, you can pile some into cute bags and set them at each table place or hand them out for guests to take home!

Woodland Inspired Trail Mix


If you’re looking to put on an amazing, Woodland themed baby shower, you’ve come to the right place! From more specific theme ideas to match your aesthetic, to affordable decor, game and food options, this list has you covered! Make the celebration of your baby even more special by putting on a sweet event that you and your guests will love.

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