23 Unique Yellow Baby Shower Ideas

Looking for yellow baby shower ideas for your upcoming event? There are a multitude of themes and decorations you can use – bees, honey, sunshine, sunflowers, and more! I’ve compiled a list of 21 ideas that you can use for inspiration for your yellow themed baby shower (whether its a boy or a girl!)

The awesome thing about many yellow baby shower themes is that many of them are gender neutral. If you are planning a shower for a couple who isn’t finding out the gender, this can be a great option!

While you can do an all-yellow shower, you can also choose colors to complement, which you will see throughout this post. For example, grey is a common pair with yellow, and this allows you to tie in things like elephants (adorable!)

Or, if you are planning a Spring shower, you can also tie in brighter colors like green, tuquoise, or pink.

Yellow Baby Shower Ideas

So without futher ado, let’s get into all the fun ideas!

1. Yellow Themed Dessert Bar

First of all, yellow is a great color to have for a theme when making desserts! You can easily use a yellow cake recipe to make cupcakes or cake. You could choose to have it lemon flavored or keep it plain, whichever you prefer! Another option would be to use a white or chocolate cake recipe and then use yellow frosting on top.

yellow baby shower dessert bar

2. Yellow & White Balloon Arch

Balloon arches are a classic decoration for baby showers and other events! Why not make a yellow themed one? This decoration is more generic and can fit in with whatever theme you actually choose for the shower (whether it be sunflowers, winnie the pooh, etc.)

yellow and white balloon arch in a cozy living. room

3. Rustic Honeycomb Theme

One theme that I think would be adorable is a honeycomb/bee theme! While you could style it a variety of ways, I think this theme would look awesome in a rustic type style. Think wooden cake stands, woven baskets, and that sort of thing, along with lots of honey-themed items!

honeycomb tablecloth in a rustic room

4. Bumble Bee Cupcakes

If you choose to go with the bee/honey theme, bee cupcakes would be the perfect addition to the shower. For example, you could make simple yellow cupcakes with vanilla frosting, then top them with bee cupcake toppers. There are lots of unique bee cupcake toppers on amazon you can check out!

bee cupcakes

5. Sunflower Centerpiece

Another great yellow baby shower theme that is more girl oriented is sunflowers! Sunflowers are bright and cheery, and would be especially good for a Spring baby shower. Here’s an example of a beautiful sunflower centerpiece that would look amazing as decoration. (You can buy similar artificial sunflowers here!

sunflower centerpiece for baby shower

6. Balloons & Paper Flower Banner

Paper flowers are another great way to decorate for a yellow baby shower – especially because they almost look like little suns! You can either make your own tissue paper flowers, or buy premade flowers on Amazon. Oh, and don’t forget how cute a little baby banner would look in the center of the balloons and flowers!

yellow baby shower decorations and cake

7. Daffodil Theme

One yellow theme I haven’t seen much (but I love) is daffodils! Daffodils are such a unique and pretty flower, and you could easily tie them in as accents for your yellow baby shower. A fun daffodil centerpiece can be made simply by purchasing some artificial daffodils and putting them in a clear glass vase!

daffodil flower arrangement for a yellow themed baby shower

8. Winnie the Pooh Theme

Another adorable gender-neutral yellow theme is Winnie the Pooh! Oh, the classic pooh. I love this idea for a theme. There’s lots you could do with it, but it does require more purchasing of decorations. Here’s an example of a Winnie the Pooh Banner that would be an adorable option.

9. Lemon Wreath

Lemons are another great yellow theme! And within that there are so many options for do-it-yourself decorations. For example, you can make a beautiful lemon wreath like the one pictured below! Hang it on the door or place it strategically inside the house for more decor. Here’s a tutorial for making a similar lemon wreath on hgtv.

lemon wreath

10. Rubber Ducky as Party Favors

I fell in love with this yellow baby shower idea when I saw it: rubber duckies! You could use rubber duckies as party favors as pictured below, or do a whole host of other things with them! Rubber ducky themed games, plates and napkins, etc.

rubber duckies in a basket

11. Lemonade stand with yellow cups and straws

Possibly my favorite idea of all is a lemonade stand…how perfect is this?! Especially for an outdoor spring baby shower. I’m thinking cute glass jugs of lemonade, with cups and yellow straws for guests, on a pretty wooden outdoor table. Check out the two photos below for inspiration.

baby shower lemonade stand idea
baby shower lemonade bar idea

12. Yellow Onesie Game or Decor

You know that baby shower game where you have a tray of items that everyone has to try to remember? This could be a great opportunity to use a yellow onesie and other small yellow baby-themed knick-knacks. Other items to add in could be things like lemonhead candies, butterfingers, buttons, a yellow bottle or bib, etc.

yelllow onesie

13. Giraffe Themed Baby Shower

Here’s an adorable way to tie in a yellow theme: giraffes! With this theme, you could easily tie in brown as a second color, which I think would be unique. A stuffed giraffe would make a great addition to tie the decorations together for this theme.

14. Lemon Sugar Cookies

If you decide to go with a lemon theme, lemon sugar cookies are a great option! Not only do they taste great, but they also look awesome. You could even add in lemon extract or zest to give the cookies a lemon flavor! Here’s a lemon cookie cutter on amazon that would be a great buy for making something like this.

lemon sugar cookies

15. Lemon Baby Shower Invites

When planning a shower, you definitely need to think about the invites. Here’s an example of a lemon themed baby shower invite! I create all invites like this on Canva.com. If you are into making things yourself, try out the platform! It’s pretty easy to get started and figure out how it works, even for beginners.

lemon themed baby shower invite

16. Bumble Bee Game Cards

Speaking of canva, I created some printables that you can use for certain yellow baby shower themes! If you go with a honeycomb/bee theme, here are 2 baby shower printable game cards you can use. The first is a card to go with a jar of candy where guests can guess how many candies are in the jar. The second is for a diaper raffle. (Click on the images to download!)

bee honeycomb baby shower game printable
bee honeycomb baby shower game printable

17. Elephant & Sunshine Baby Shower Game Cards

Yellow and grey is one combo theme that I absolutely love for a baby shower…because it allows you to incorporate elephants into the design! Sunshine and elephants make a great theme for either boys or girls. Below you can find the same printable game cards as above, but in this different theme! Once again, click the images to download and print.

sunshine baby shower printable game

18. Yellow & White Polka Dot Table Cloth

Need a simple yellow decoration that goes with pretty much any theme? A yellow and white polkda dot table cloth is a great option! Use this to cover up a plain table and transform your room from okay to great! Buy on amazon here.

19. Sunshine Sugar Cookies

You can also do a sunshine theme by itself, without incorporating elephants. Either way, sunshine sugar cookies would be an adorable way to stick with the theme! Here’s a recipe I found that uses a sugar cookie plus royal icing to decorate. You can buy a variety of sun cookie cutters on amazon to make these!

sun sugar cookies

20. Little Sunshine Paper Plates & Napkins

While we’re talking about the sun theme, here are some adorable little sunshine paper plates and napkins on amazon! While they’re not the cheapest option, they sure are cute.

21. Lemon Scented Candles for favors

If you decide to go with a lemon theme, a great party favor idea would be lemon scented candles. What a great way to tie in the theme to the favors!

yellow lemon scented candles

21. Star Themed Baby Shower

We’ve talked about sunshine a whole lot, but what about stars? Stars would also make a great yellow baby shower theme. Or, you could even do the sun, moon, and stars! Either way, this idea is great because it is fun and gender neutral.

star themed baby shower

22. Winnie the Pooh Cake Holder

Back to the Winnie theme for a second – take a look at this adorable Pooh Cake Holder! This would be a great way to tie in a winnie the pooh theme with the dessert table. I might have to keep this in mind for myself!

23. Daisy Themed Shower

While we’ve talked about sunflowers and daffodils, daisies are another flower you can theme your yellow shower off of! This would really tie in both yellow and white, which would make for very cute, bright decorations!

yellow and white daisy themed baby shower


When planning a yellow baby shower, you have so many different options to choose from. To save money and simplify things, you can always use generic yellow decorations to go with whatever “main” theme you choose (for example, a yellow balloon arch with a bee themed shower). But whatever you decide, I’m sure it will turn out wonderful. I hope these yellow baby shower ideas were an inspiration to you for the little one in your life coming into the world!

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